June 23, 2024

this same point in the previous season, the Raiders benched quarterback Derek Carr and sent him home to avoid having to pay him a guaranteed $40 million. The Saints don’t have that luxury this season.

In actuality, they are already liable for $40 million. Carr is promised a salary of $30 million in 2024 under the terms of his contract. In March 2024, the remaining $10 million that is owed in 2025 is completely guaranteed. Only if Carr is cut before the money vests will the Saints be able to avoid spending the extra $10 million.

Would they give him $30 million to disappear so they wouldn’t have to pay him an additional $10 million? Most likely not. However, if a coaching change is imminent (Saints supporters often demand one), a new head coach maybe

In New Orleans, a possible quarterback switch might not even require a coaching change. Dennis Allen concluded his statement when asked about Carr’s performance during Friday night’s loss to the Rams, adding, “I thought he played OK.” (To be fair, he began by stating, “I thought he played well overall.”)

That begged the more important question about Carr’s pressure-handling skills: how did Allen respond?

I believe he was alright, Allen remarked. “I believe he was alright. [Editor’s note: We occasionally repeat ourselves to make sure we understand ourselves.] I believe that, again, there are instances when one could be able to move through his evolution a little bit faster or persevere a little bit longer. There are numerous things.

That’s alright, too. He is a quarterback that is in the top half of the league. Sufficient to bring you near the postseason. Not good enough to get you there on a regular basis unless your running game and defense are excellent around him.

Is it worthwhile to invest $40 million on him? A year ago, the Raiders made the decision that he isn’t. Unless they are prepared to give him the difference between what he can make elsewhere and $30 million to leave, the Saints have already decided that he is.

I’m not arguing that the Saints ought to, or even that they will. But to assume they aren’t at least weighing their alternatives would be naive. Carr is still pretty good after playing in the league for over ten years.

In the NFL of today, quite


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