June 13, 2024

At least on one side of the ball, Sunday’s NFL battle between the Washington Commanders and the New York Jets promises to be the worst ever.

The Jets offense is ranked dead last in the league, while the Commanders defense is ranked No. 32. On the field, it will be determined which will win—the mobile force or the stoppable item.

A more intriguing matchup occurs in the second half of the game when the Jets defense, which has performed admirably thus far this season, faces the Commanders offense, which has been statistically strong but has struggled recently.

Sam Howell has a chance on Sunday to regain his position as the team’s starter going forward after being benched in the fourth quarter of the last game.

His accomplishments will also have an impact on Eric Bieniemy, the offensive coordinator, who was questioned on Thursday about what a full season with him and the team might accomplish.

Bieniemy remarked, “To be honest, he’s still learning the system.” He’s still getting acquainted with the system. He still has to learn other things. There are numerous intricate defensive coordinators in the game who will pose various challenges for him. And every single week, that’s a big test. Not only is he being assessed and tested by us, but additionally

After the season, coach Ron Rivera will be leaving, but Bieniemy’s future is less certain. Although it’s unclear if he will be given the chance to lead Washington or another team as a head coach, his success with the Kansas City Chiefs and the Chiefs’ offensive woes this season may help him get attention in the coaching market.


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