June 16, 2024

Despite the odds being stacked against them, the Las Vegas Raiders are still in the running for a postseason spot. To exacerbate the situation, Josh Jacobs and Michael Mayer each received an update on their injuries on Thursday, meaning the offense may be without two key players.

is experiencing issues with his big toe, and Josh Jacobs is now struggling with a quad injury. Furthermore, Maxx Crosby did not take part in practice either. He has, however, been playing through a few weeks of injury. In any case, the Raiders are not in for a good surprise from this.

Injuries have plagued Jacobs during the 2023 campaign. In 13 games thus far, he has only amassed 805 yards and six touchdowns. On Monday night, though, the Raiders run game ought to be in full force if he’s healthy. Mayer, however, hasn’t said much during his first campaign. Out of 27 receptions, he has only accumulated 304 yards and two touchdowns.

The Raiders will want to be as close to 100% healthy as possible because they are playing the Chiefs. This late in the season, this battle is crucial, and a loss may have negative consequences for Las Vegas. Josh Jacobs and Josh Jacob should therefore be eligible to play on Monday Night Football.

Watch this space for further updates, as the Raiders will decide on their players prior to kickoff.

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The Kansas City Chiefs, the current AFC West champion, are the team the Las Vegas Raiders are preparing for. Here in Arrowhead, the Raiders aim to level the series after blowing a 14-point lead in their first encounter.

Bo Hardegree, the new play-caller, is dealing through transitional difficulties at work. In Week 12 against the Chiefs, he had a fantastic first half, but the offense stagnated in the second half. Week 14’s dreadful offense against the Minnesota Vikings came next.

When the Chargers came to town, Hardegree moved from the field to the booth. It enabled the Raiders to set a franchise record with 42 points scored in the first half.

Hardegree discussed the distinction between the field and the booth on Tuesday.

“The discrepancies are evident throughout the entire field,” he stated during Tuesday’s press briefing. “You people in the media are at the top.” As a play caller, it’s critical to get immediate input because you can see it quite rapidly.”

Hardegree was able to assist his young quarterback and see the field more clearly after the modifications.

Throughout the remainder of the season, fans can anticipate him in the booth.

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