June 15, 2024

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts stated, “I don’t think we’re all committed enough” and “We have to make, like, an internal change, how we attack things, how we come to work every day,” following Philadelphia’s third straight loss on Monday night.

Was the former signal-caller for Alabama criticizing his coaches and teammates?

Hurts remarked on Thursday, “More like calling himself out.”

Hurts stated, “My mind was in a place of really just trying to challenge myself.” “When you consider our goals and everything we’re attempting to do from a holistic perspective, you realize that it all begins and ends with me. Therefore, when I refer to “we,” I mean myself since I’m the point guard that everyone looks to to set the pace for everything because that’s how I play, that’s how I lead, and that’s how I excel in every facet of the game. That is a part of the footwear I wear.

The Eagles have only failed to score at least 21 points in four games this season, all of which have been losses.

About the dip, Hurts remarked, “Put it on me.” “.. I am the owner of that. I accept responsibility for that and have never shied away from it. I therefore welcome the challenge. I accept the challenge set for my teammates and me. It all boils down to what our team does when we go out there. The last thing I want to happen is to walk off that field thinking I failed my teammates or that I didn’t do enough for them.

Hurts and offensive coordinator Brian Johnson shouldn’t be held accountable for the Eagles’ December offensive meltdown, according to Philadelphia coach Nick Sirianni.

“As this is my offense, I should be the target of criticism for it,” Sirianni stated.

Hurts has averaged 212.7 passing yards per game, completed 59.2 percent of his throws, thrown two interceptions and one touchdown pass, and had a passing efficiency rating of 72.4 during the team’s current three-game losing skid. Hurts completed 67.6% of his throws in the first 11 games of the 2023 season, averaging 245.2 passing yards per game with 10 interceptions and 18 touchdown passes, and he had a 94.9 passing efficiency rating.

“I would say that in the last three games, we haven’t played or been coached to our standard offensively,” Sirianni remarked. With the exception of two key areas—our explosive plays and our turnover differential—I believe there are many statistical similarities between our attack from the previous season and how we performed this year. However, I believe you would find that it was quite comparable if you looked at all of our other data areas.

“However, the past three games have fallen short of our expectations, and Jalen, Brian, and I will always be given priority. We are aware of that. We agree with that based on where we stand. And the reason why we’re not performing well enough offensively is most likely that none of the three of us are giving it our all.

Jalen is going to want some plays back, just like the rest of us. We will be expecting a few calls back. Everyone will be clamoring for their plays to be returned. All we have to do is get it back on course. Although I am aware that we are focusing on those three games, Jalen Hurts is a strong candidate for MVP before those three games. Thus, it’s the corpus of labor.

Hurts remarked, “I think everyone has the right mentality.” Everyone, in my opinion, is moving forward. Furthermore, I believe that everyone is addressing it appropriately. And in the end, everyone is involved.

The Eagles last season won the NFC title after winning two home playoff games. Philadelphia has already guaranteed itself a spot in the postseason this year. It’s unclear, though, if the Eagles will play at home.

Philadelphia would have to triumph while the San Francisco 49ers would have to lose two of their last three games in order to secure the NFC’s top seed and a first-round bye.

With a 10-4 record, the Eagles and Cowboys are tied atop the NFC East. The playoffs will begin with the division winner.

The Eagles play the Arizona Cardinals at home on December 31 and the Giants on January 7 to wrap off the regular season after playing New York on Monday.

Dallas’ regular-season finale takes place on January 7 against the Washington Commanders after it hosts the Detroit Lions on December 30.

“True unity is necessary for victory, and victory is difficult to achieve,” Hurts stated. “You have to acknowledge the difficulties that entail. All we’re doing is moving forward. This is a fantastic opportunity that we have. Everything has beauty and something good to offer. This has beauty to it. This is the reason I think this is only a temporary situation we’re in.


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