June 24, 2024

I haven’t watched a Washington football team play better at the beginning of the season than this one did. The game appeared completely terrible in all three phases, and by the time the team began to gel—as usual—it was too little, too late.

For the Commanders, the Christmas Eve game truly made the Season optimal. The team committed as many errors as they could against a poor offence, giving the Jets the victory. It was evident that this club had given up on Ron Rivera, which is quite appropriate for the team that HE put together.

Kendall Fuller: It appears that Fuller is one of the few players on this team who hasn’t given up on the coaches completely. Even in the face of teammates who are missing tackles, blowing coverages, and allowing easy completions, he still plays some excellent football. In the offseason, I hope a new general manager signs him again after noticing his talent and dedication.

Chris Rodriguez: Chris made the most of his ten carries, running for 58 yards and two scores. He sprints as though the devil is after him, and his eyesight appears to be the best of the running back room.

William Smith, James The only player who put ANY pressure on Siemian during the whole game was Smith-Williams, who had just come back into the starting lineup. Throughout the afternoon, he recorded three tackles, one for a loss, and four pressures. Although I am aware that this is a low standard, JSW did look the part.

Khaleke Hudson: Hudson keeps proving that he is the finest linebacker Rivera has put together out of this motley crew. He led the club in tackles for the second straight week with 15, and he also contributed two passes defended. We’re all baffled as to why he didn’t play more earlier in the season.

Sam Howell: Sam Howell was awful for the second straight game. He was inaccurate with the balls that left his hand, had weak pocket presence, and made bad readings. His 17 interceptions, which lead the NFL, stick out like a sore thumb.

John Bates: Bates had two drops during the contest, one of which was a simple touchdown. Even though he wasn’t a top draft pick, Ron Rivera squandered another pick on this squad with him.

Nick Gates: Adding to Ron Rivera’s long history of terrible free agent signings is yet another. Gates exacerbates everyone around him like a human turnstile. His assistance is sluggish, his protection calls are awful, and he has no anchor.

Andrew Wylie He simply experiences head-scratching moments every game. We were all aware of his struggles in Kansas City with power and speed off the edge. It is egregious carelessness on Bieniemy’s part to expect him to manage the edge one-on-one.

Cody Barton He might inflate his stats, but he is most definitely not stuffing ball carriers close to the line of scrimmage. He is a pile-jumper, and if we’re lucky, the majority of his tackles are made 7-8 yards into the secondary. A Horrible signing of a free agent by Rivera and associates!

Benjamin St-Juste: In coverage, St-Juste is still a walking liability. Even in advantageous positions, he simply cannot manage to get his hands off the opposition receiver. Sadly, he possesses every physical quality you could want in an outsider.

The Commanders Coaching Staff – It’s clear this staff CLEARLY was not prepared for their Christmas Eve matchup in New Jersey. All three phases of the game were again poor, and the team has clearly quit on Rivera

– Brissett Jacobs Looks like the QB who performed better in the last two games, clearly. Howell is messed up, and I wouldn’t be shocked if this “staff” has destroyed him.

The fact that Emmanuel Forbes is unable to play on the pitch speaks volumes about how awful St-Juste is!

– Although it doesn’t say much, Cornelius Lucas is a superior left tackle than Charles Leno.

It’s possible that will leave the NFL in two years.

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