June 13, 2024

The only thing separating Newcastle United from the bottom three is goal differential.
That may not sound correct, but I’m afraid it’s accurate—I’m speaking, of course, of Newcastle United’s performance in the Premier League on the road.

Only Forest, with five points from nine away games, Luton, with four points, and Sheffield United, with two points, have worse Premier League away form records.

It’s fortunate that all three of us still have games at St. James’ Park. Not that our home form is in doubt—we have a virtually unbeatable record of eight wins out of nine and are ranked second in that specific table, with only Aston Villa (eight wins and one draw) having better home results.

In contrast, just 17% of Newcastle United’s points this season have come from away from home. Last season, the team placed third in the Premier League’s “away only” standings, behind only Man City and Arsenal.

Compared to the twelve points we managed to secure away from the same opponents last time out, we are ten points worse off this season against the teams we have already faced, having only managed to pick up two points from seven games (not counting the win at Sheffield United and the loss at Luton, both newly promoted teams).

The fact that we haven’t yet visited Anfield, Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge, the Emirates Stadium, or Villa Park this campaign is even more concerning.

The fact that we haven’t yet visited Anfield, Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge, the Emirates Stadium, or Villa Park this campaign is even more concerning.

To put it simply, we need to address our away day blues if we want to turn around our league season. When 83 percent of a team’s points are earned at home, no team can really contend for a spot in the Champions League.

Teams are obviously more dominating at home. Even if it is possible, if any team has managed to accumulate more points away from home by the conclusion of the season, it is essentially an oddity and does not develop into a pattern. In general, teams exhibit greater dominance when it comes to possession, pushing, and creating opportunities.

I’ve read about Expected goals, and the numbers indicate that we aren’t taking any chances away from home in the case of the xG “for” variety—that is, if you take out the bizarre outcome at Bramall Lane. Regarding the xG “against” variety, you won’t be shocked to learn that we’ve given up more ground than the numbers indicate we ought to have.

When we look at the actual goals we have conceded away from home, we have conceded half of them after the hour, and more than half of them in the last fifteen minutes. We’ve actually given up more goals in the closing third of our road games this season than we did the entire previous one. If Premier League games

This alone suggests exhaustion, so we completely understand why we appear so jaded in the closing stages. We don’t seem to have the stamina to persevere through late away games, and our extraordinary injury list leaves us without the players needed to make a difference. Our squad is not deep enough to survive the kind of injuries we’ve had to deal with over several months, despite the fact that we have employed 30 players this season—more than any other Premier League team. As a result, we lack consistency and coherence, which is detrimental to our away form.

With the exception of Sheffield United, all four of our domestic away games after our first four Champions League group matches were

This season, we have only managed to salvage one point from a losing position, and that was at the London Stadium, where we really dropped two after coming back to take the lead before Mohammed Kudus’ late equalizer. We have only ever trailed once at St. James’ Park, and that was in the extra time of the Liverpool loss. On the other hand, we have trailed seven times when playing away from home and have lost six of those games.

Eddie couldn’t come up with an explanation for why we’ve been playing so poorly away from fortress St. James when he spoke after Saturday’s loss. Eddie is usually quite measured in his responses to media inquiries, but I’m very sure he understands the reasons why.


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