June 19, 2024

Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones believes his club is playoff-caliber.

Anyone else will notice it only when the Packers have the ball.

The Packers (7-8) still have postseason chances as they prepare for a vital Sunday night game against Minnesota (7-8), but it’s difficult to see them staying in contention if their defense doesn’t improve quickly

.Defense's continued struggles raise questions over how much longer Packers  can stay in playoff hunt | Packers | waow.com

“This does definitely feel like a playoff team,” Jones said following the Packers’ 33-30 victory over  on Sunday. “We’re a tough group. We’re not a team that will ever give up or lay down for anyone. We have a group of guys who are eager to compete. We shown that when we play our best ball, we can compete with anyone.”

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