June 16, 2024

A year after Brian Daboll was named Coach of the Year, the New York Giants are expected to draft in the top ten of the 2024 NFL Draft. After Daniel Jones struggled before being placed on season-ending injured reserve, there are many doubts regarding the quarterback. Regardless of whatever the quarterback is, improving the pass catchers could be the team’s top focus this offseason. This is a terrific draft for wide receiver upgrades since it features one of the most skilled and deep classes we’ve seen in a long time.

BTS V - Kim Taehyung

Malik Nabers would easily be the best at his position in any other draft, but he happens to be coming out of college at the same time as Marvin Harrison Jr. In any case, Nabers is a top-five talent in this draft and is likely the best separator in this class. He runs precise courses and can change directions quickly and abruptly. Giving Daniel Jones or any other quarterback a great playmaker like Nabers will result in a more productive passing offense right away.

The Giants’ offensive line interior hasn’t been the finest, despite having a talented young rookie at center. Adding another starting-level player, such as    might help whoever is at quarterback. Jackson is an exceptional athlete for his size, and his ability to move and climb to the next level in space is fascinating. He possesses excellent footwork and the physical attributes to develop into a quality player in both aspects of the game.

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