June 15, 2024

You have a disturbing streak in you. You’re a self-assured quarterback with something to prove, which is part of what makes you such a strong competitor. You can be reckless at the same time.

You want to show that you’re more than just a game manager, as Cam Newton described you. You want to be a game changer, a franchise quarterback, and you occasionally take risks you shouldn’t.

Like your first touchdown pass this season against the Jaguars. You threw the ball into a sea of hands in the end zone, and Brandon Aiyuk miraculously came down with it and bailed you out.

49ers' Brock Purdy prepares to duel with Cowboys' pressure defense

Or your first interception of the season against the Ravens. You passed up the open checkdown option on the flat in order to force the ball into the end zone and be the hero, and you were intercepted.

It is your responsibility to handle the game. Your job is to avoid interceptions. The 49ers are definitely good enough to win the Super Bowl if they make it through the playoffs without throwing a pick.

You can try to prove you’re more than just a game manager one day, but now isn’t the time. Now is the time to defend the football but not overdoing it.

Consider Russell Wilson’s Super Bowl victory ten years ago. He never threw the ball more than 25 times in a game during his three playoff games, and he never threw an interception.


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