June 24, 2024

Derek Carr, the quarterback of the New Orleans Saints, has been the focus of numerous talks this season. In the offseason, he agreed to a four-year contract with the franchise. Dennis Allen got to choose his quarterback, and Carr was his decision.

Carr’s performance has been patchy this season. That is something he would tell you. Having said that, he’s battled through a slew of injuries to play in every game this season, and the Saints are within striking distance of a playoff spot.

Derek Carr would meet Texans' QB need and free up draft obligations

Having said that, he is demonstrating his commitment to the process in New Orleans. He cares about his teammates and wants to see them thrive. Carr recently stated that he would be open to renegotiating his contract in order to help the Saints’ salary cap position.

“If it helps the team, and I saw the plan and knew where it was going to go, man, let’s figure it out…” There isn’t even a question. I came here to win, so whatever we had to do, I’m on board.”

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