June 24, 2024

The end of the New York Giants’ disastrous 2023 season cannot come soon enough for the team and its fans, as what was once a promising-looking campaign quickly burned up in flames.

As is customary following a poor performance, change is in the air, beginning with a roster revamp in which judgments on underperformers, free agents, and hefty contracts must be made before bringing in new talent.

We’ll do a thorough look into each individual Giants UFA and his future importance to the organization in a couple of weeks, but with tonight being the final regular season game, here’s a very early forecast of who is likely to be retained among the team’s 20+ UFAs and who is not.

New York Giants 2023 UFA Primer: OL Nick Gates - Sports Illustrated New  York Giants News, Analysis and More

Barkley is free of the franchise tag, which he never wanted. But, after all of histrionics with his contract discussions last off-season, which finally settled down as he added CAA to the mix and Barkley became more proactive in the process, Barkley signed a modified tag and made peace with the Giants. He also aged another year and had to contend with another lower-body injury that cost him three games.

Barkley was less adamant about the likelihood of being tagged a second time at a press conference with reporters on Wednesday. it’s a good thing, because it appears to be the course he’ll take, though the two sides would be wise to get right to work on a new multiyear deal that averages just under $12.419 million.

The Giants must be pinching themselves to make sure they aren’t dreaming after acquiring inside linebacker Isaiah Simmons from the Arizona Cardinals for a seventh-round pick before the season began.


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