June 24, 2024

Olivia Newton-John’s song “Physical” topped the charts in 1982. My parents married and went on their honeymoon right away. They were accompanied by my father’s” eldest brother, lovingly known as Aunt Ron. For some reason, my sister had always referred to him as aunt rather than uncle.

The guys were so engrossed in Pac-Man and pinball that they didn’t notice the automobile being hauled. Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. Ilitch purchased the Detroit Red Wings. A new era in Red Wings hockey began.

Since then, I’ve seen folks suggest that the deck was stacked against the Detroit Red Wings. To say the least, officiating, the draft, and the National Hockey League’s (NHL) player safety leave a sour taste in my mouth.

From the Ilitch family buying the Red Wings and sticking with them for over a decade without winning to getting the consolation prize of the 1983 NHL draft (which happened to be Steve Yzerman), to Keith Gave and his efforts with the Russian Five, to just the Russian Five, the Grind Line, the broadcast team, the social media team, and everything else I can’t mention because it’s already way too long.

Red Wings' season-opening run has players, fans 'excited ...

To make a lengthy tale short, one of the most recent people for whom I am grateful is 2024 all-star Alex DeBrincat.

Despite the fact that DeBrincat is an all-star at the expense of Dylan Larkin, I couldn’t be happier with the selection. I am unable to speak for Larkin.

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