June 24, 2024

Some of the best NFL coaching prospects are being pursued by the Las Vegas Raiders in their ongoing coaching search to succeed Josh McDaniels. Owner Mark Davis appears to be very focused on creating a big impression, but there may be a locker room ultimatum.

The Raiders players have united around interim head coach Antonio Pierce since his appointment in November. The former linebacker makes up for his lack of NFL coaching experience with his zeal, leadership, and control over the locker room.

Final 53-man roster prediction for the 2023 Las Vegas Raiders

Under Pierce’s direction, Las Vegas likewise performed fairly well. Under Pierce, the team’s record was 5-4, which is better than McDaniels’.375 winning % when playing for Las Vegas. Players gave Pierce a lot of credit for the team’s victories over the Denver Broncos and Kansas City Chiefs at the close of the season, and he also contributed to the Raiders defense’s second-half turnaround.

Who will coach the Las Vegas Raiders going forward?
It has long been assumed, though, that Davis wants to make a big hire. Given that the business is based in Las Vegas, a well-known brand draws interest. Above all, though, NFL coaches with proven track records of success include Jim Harbaugh and Mike Vrabel. Although Maxx Crosby and Davante Adams are both frequent Pro Bowl picks, they have made it obvious that they only want one leader for the Raiders in 2019.

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According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, in reaction to Crosby’s tweet with the hashtag “#HireAP,” the Raiders star has in fact set a “line in the sand” with reference to the next head coach. He has unequivocally stated that Pierce.


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