June 19, 2024

In the bonus episode of his podcast New Heights on December 29, Travis Kelce opened up about his Christmas in 2023. He told his brother, centre Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles, about the Kansas City Chiefs’ loss to the Las Vegas Raiders, saying, “[It was] the] f–king worst.” I’ve had better experience

The 34-year-old NFL tight end later said that “good Christmas cheer and good people” saved him from having a bad holiday, but Life & Style has an exclusive source tells us otherwise. The celebrations were severely dampened by Travis’ sad demeanour, which also resulted in his first fight with 34-year-old Taylor Swift, his girlfriend of five months.

The insider said that “Taylor and Travis’ holidays were pretty much ruined by the game.” “After that, Travis wasn’t the same person. It was their first quarrel after he lost his temper with Taylor. Although he later apologised, Taylor was undoubtedly upset and perplexed. It was difficult.

The two’s fairytale romance is starting to have flaws in it. The insider said that Taylor is starting to understand how challenging it may be to date a well-known athlete. “This is all very new for Taylor,” the source says, adding that the “Karma” singer asked fellow WAG and new friend Brittany Mahomes for help.

“It wasn’t easy, but Brittany told Taylor to let Travis lick his wounds.” According to the insider, Taylor was a “nervous wreck” ahead of Travis’ New Year’s Day game and was even thinking about shortening her vacation. “It was extremely stressful to think that Travis would lose again and their New Year’s would be ruined.”

Constant travel is another factor that causes tension. Taylor has the most frequent flight points, even though Travis has seen her perform in mid-November in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and visited her at her home in New York City.




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