June 13, 2024

LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — Now that the Raiders’ season is finished, all eyes are on owner Mark Davis to decide whether to make changes over the next few weeks or retain the team’s core leadership group.

Antonio Pierce, the interim coach who led Las Vegas to a 5-4 record after taking over in the middle of the season, made the case for the latter strategy. The Raiders finished 8-9 overall after firing head coach Josh McDaniels on October 31.

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“Everything that Mark asked me to do, I tried to do my best to accomplish that,” Pierce said Monday. “We didn’t win the playoffs, but what you witnessed, in my opinion, was a highly competitive squad every single week. complete agreement.

According to NFL hiring guidelines, Davis has to

Given his success with the Michigan Wolverines and his former NFL experience with the San Francisco 49ers, whom he led to three NFC title games and one Super Bowl, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh may be the most sought-after candidate in the hiring market for NFL players. The rumors of a potential NFL comeback have only grown since he hired agent Don Yee.

Yee also represents Tom Brady, who has filed to be a part owner of the Raiders and is a co-owner of Davis’s WNBA team, the Las Vegas Aces, which has won two championships.

Davis has a history of attempting to make a big-name hire, and Harbaugh would definitely fit the bill. However, Pierce has given the owner a lot to consider after reviving the locker room.

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