June 15, 2024

The Los Angeles Rams are worried that a hit by Lions safety Kerby Joseph tore tight end Tyler Higbee’s ACL. Higbee’s availability for the start of his 2024 season is uncertain if he requires ACL surgery, a recovery that usually requires at least nine months. Higbee signed a contract extension with the Rams last year.

This season, Higbee, 31, has caught 47 passes for 495 yards and two touchdowns. He has never experienced a major injury that has kept him out of action for long.

The Rams have at least two tight ends under contract for the upcoming season who may fill in for Higbee while he recovers: Davis Allen, who they drafted in the fifth round, and Hunter Long, who they got from the Dolphins in exchange for Jalen Ramsey. Hopkins is available as a free agent.

Detroit Lions' Dan Campbell's tears showed strength, not weakness

In the event that Higbee is unable to start in Week 1, Les Snead might think about drafting a tight end or signing a veteran in order to get ready for next season. Although Long and Allen could cover, it would not have hurt to have added another tight end in either scenario.

Higbee is worth $11.6.

Following the disappointing loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday Night Football, Los Angeles Rams head coach had a conversation with the media. The head coach muses about the opportunity the Rams had to win this game, discusses the officiating in passing since he doesn’t want to say anything inappropriate, and commends Jared Goff and the Lions for deserving of the victory. The Rams wanted to see their successful season continue and anticipated victory today, but their season is ending suddenly. Either you come home disappointed or you win the Super Bowl. The Rams will return home disappointed this year, as they usually do, but they should be encouraged and

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