June 16, 2024

After a dismal 2023 campaign, the St. Louis Cardinals are hoping to turn things around. Oliver Marmol is aware of the controversies surrounding his name, despite the Cardinals’ great expectations.

Since Marmol’s contract expires after the 2024 season, St. Louis may be able to move on from another disappointing season. According to Ben Frederickson of The St. Louis Dispatch, Marmol is more concerned with getting the Cardinals back to winning than he is about his contract position.

Regarding his contract situation, Marmol remarked, “That’s not a motivator for me.” When you see things that way, what in the world were you doing for the preceding two years? That’s not how I think about it. I’ve wanted to improve the St. Louis Cardinals for eighteen years. Nothing about this is unique.

Prior to the 2022 season, Marmol held the positions of bench coach and first base coach before being elevated to manager. His debut was encouraging as the Cardinals finished 93-69 to win the NL Central. But the Wild Card Series quickly swept St. Louis out of the playoffs. Everything has gotten worse after that.

With a 71-91 record at the end of the previous season, the Cardinals were bottom in the NL Central. For the first time since 2018, St. Louis did not make it to the playoffs. It was also the team’s lowest winning total since 2007—aside from the CO-VID-shortened 2020 season.

St. Louis has added Sonny Grey and Lance Lynn to their roster, among other players. Oliver Marmol will have to mediate the Cardinals’ differences, though. Even though he isn’t concentrating on it at the moment, if difficulties persist, the manager’s seat could become much hotter.


Cardinals’ Adam Wainwright shows Chiefs support with stunned reaction to playoff game condition

Pitcher Adam Wainwright of the St. Louis Cardinals was among the numerous sportsmen that voiced their opinions over the Miami Dolphins vs. Kanas City Chiefs game. Like many others, Wainwright was taken aback by the Kansas City weather and didn’t pay much attention to who was playing or what the opposing team’s strategy was. The legendary player for the Cardinals showed respect for the football players competing in a game played in sub-zero temperatures, with a consistent “feel like” temperature of -27 or -28 degrees throughout the evening.

“A few hours ago, I left the deer stand in St. Louis. I couldn’t imagine using that weather for football! These men have incredible throwing, catching, and cutting skills. These guys are amazing! Go Chiefs,” Wainwright exclaimed via X

Wainwright has lived in Missouri for a considerable amount of time, so he is familiar with the climate, but playing football in such conditions is a whole other story. Wainwright is fortunate in that baseball is primarily played in the summer, which spares him from having to pitch in subfreezing temperatures.


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