June 19, 2024

Despite missing the playoffs in 2023–24, the Cincinnati Bengals were undoubtedly a good club.

Even though they finished with the hardest schedule in the league, the Bengals managed to win nine games.

And they succeeded despite Joe Burrow’s lackluster performance until Week 5 and his absence from the final seven games.

Nobody believed that Jake Browning was a reliable option at quarterback coming into the season. But despite him, the team managed to win four games.

Among the most noteworthy were the team’s road victory over the San Francisco 49ers, their Monday Night Football comeback against the Jacksonville Jaguars, and their Browning revenge game against the Minnesota Vikings.

Despite giving up a lot of yards, the defense had some crucial plays and helped the team defeat the Seattle Seahawks and Los Angeles Rams.

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This team had a unique quality that allowed them to make clutch plays when needed, as Zim Whodey highlights in the video below. That’s encouraging for a squad hoping to win another AFC Championship the following season after winning two straight.

Despite having the worst schedule, the Bengals finished 9-8 and had a healthy starting quarterback in around half of their games.

Yes, it’s disappointing. Burrow’s injury, in my opinion, compelled the Bengals to reevaluate their offensive strategy and expand their offensive toolkit to include Chase Brown and the screen game. If they can work with Burrow to execute some of this offense, that will be helpful in the future. It’s the defense that worries me more. They appeared to regress overall and show no signs of improvement throughout the season. I notice improvement in the secondary. This year, Wilson and Pratt were not very good. Despite the fact that it’s questionable if they would have fired DJ Reader regardless, his injury is terrible. They now firmly refuse to let him go, and there isn’t really a strong contender. There doesn’t seem to be a way for the defense to get better.

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