June 19, 2024

Not just because scores are kept, but statistics also play a big role in sports. A player’s age is just as important as their height and weight. However, as sports are another way of marking time, the best moments are those that happen that haven’t happened in a long time. We have just experienced the greatest seven days in sports history for a place with two peninsulas.

Look at those numbers.

The majority of foreigners are unaware of this, but any true Michigan native will tell you one thing: Michigan is a basketball state, not a football one. However, this was not the case when an ESPN 30-for-30 documentary-style campaign for the 26th state began and concluded with exhilaration in place of decades’ worth of complaints because of.

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I’ll start with the Wolverines.

Given that the previous time the Wolverines had a three-game winning run over the Buckeyes, they went on to win a national title, Michigan’s victory over Ohio State in November was a sign of things to come. Well, last Monday night was a historical moment when Michigan’s defense revealed to the world the true reason Michael Penix Jr. was not the Heisman winner after all. The Wolverines finished 15-0 in what was perhaps the most exciting season a college football team has ever had, winning their first national championship since 1997 with a 34-13 victory over Washington. Their head coach received two suspensions. Over the last three seasons, there was an inquiry into sign theft that led many people to doubt their resume. The NCAA

The Lions are the next team to play in the postseason. Although I’m not a fan, growing up in Michigan, I can still recall the last time the team won a playoff game and where I was when I saw it: in our living room, watching our floor-model TV as an 8-year-old. Until Sunday night, when the team defeated the Rams, 24-23, at Ford Field, I watched it on my flat-screen TV, on my couch, as a 40-year-old. “If you want to text a Lions fan congrats on the playoff win. Do it, it’ll be the first they’ve ever gotten, texting wasn’t around the last time the Lions won a playoff game,” Mike Tirico said during the broadcast.

The Wolverines, led by Howard, upset Ohio State (of all teams), 73-65, bringing the Fab Five—Jalen Rose, Chris Webber, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King, and Ray Jackson—together for the first time since 1993 on the Michigan campus. On MLK Day, the Blackest collegiate basketball team ever reunited. Jim Jackson, a former Buckeye, and Gus Johnson, a native of Detroit, were on the broadcast team.

On Monday afternoon in Ann Arbor, it felt as though everything had been forgiven, despite the long-standing rivalry between Rose and Webber, the federal case, the removal of the banners, the vacated victories, and the university’s act of pretending as though the team that rewrote basketball history for all time didn’t exist.

Howard reminded his squad, “Family always supports family.”

And, well, you know. It was just the Pistons’ fourth victory of the season on Monday. Detroit triumphed 129-117 away from home against the Washington Wizards. The Pistons’ coach, Monty Williams, stated, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen our guys go in the tank. We’ve had an unbelievable losing streak this year (28 games).” “Everyone is fully committed and eager for each other to succeed.” Right now in the state of Michigan, anything is really conceivable. I would suggest playing the lotto if you are reading this.

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