June 13, 2024

Each week, our SCU staff and contributors select the “surprises” from the Pittsburgh Steelers’ last battle. Check out the list below to discover which plays and circumstances surprised us the most!

On Monday, the Pittsburgh Steelers headed to Highmark Stadium to meet the Buffalo Bills in the Wild Card playoffs.

The Steelers’ season ended with a 31-17 defeat. Here are a few of the shocks from the game.

The Pittsburgh Steelers had a difficult start in their Wild Card game against the Buffalo Bills. The Steelers struggled on their opening drive, which normally sets the tone for the game. They only ran five plays for a total of 19 yards.

This poor start reflected the team’s performance throughout the game. The sole significant play on this drive was Mason Rudolph’s 16-yard screen throw to Jaylen Warren. However, this initial spark failed to fuel a continuous offensive attempt, resulting in an unsuccessful drive.

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The Bills’ Strong Response: Knox’s Touchdown Reception
The Buffalo Bills showcased their offensive power early in the contest. Following the Steelers’ lackluster start, the Bills capitalized on their opening possession. They covered 80 yards, including a nine-yard touchdown throw from Josh Allen to Dawson Knox. This play not only put the Bills up early in the game, but it also shifted the tide in their favor, demonstrating their ability to carry out successful offensive drives.

Steelers’ Misfortunes Continue: Turnovers, Missed Opportunities
The Steelers’ struggles persisted as the game went. Mason Rudolph, who played an important part in the team’s offensive scheme, threw an eight-yard throw to George Pickens, but it resulted in a fumble recovered by Terrel Bernard of the Bills. This turnover was a big setback for the Steelers, as it allowed the Bills to increase their advantage, further depressing the club.

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