June 23, 2024

The Michigan football team completed a perfect 15-0 season last week by defeating Washington in the national championship game to end their 2023 campaign. Wolverine fans had been anticipating a season like this for a while, and this year they were able to make it happen.

In order to reach the national championship game, Michigan had many highs and lows, and many of the important players that returned this season might have chosen to play in the NFL. They all returned with the same objective in mind: to take home a national title. The Wolverines achieved their objective, and now they want to build on that success in the future. With the momentum they’ve already gained, it should be possible.

Jim Harbaugh weighing contract offer from Michigan that includes no-NFL  clause for 2024

Let’s look at what this squad endured to get to where they are today before discussing the next season and what Michigan football can do to prepare to defend their title. The importance of this to the program’s future cannot be emphasized.

First, head coach Jim Harbaugh faced a self-imposed three-game ban due to a few minor recruiting infractions, so he began the season at home for the Wolverines. That didn’t matter too much, though, because Michigan had home openers against UNLV, Bowling Green, and East Carolina to begin the season. Harbaugh would face more suspensions that season, but the Wolverines were good for those games.

Approximately midway through the football season, rumors circulated that the Michigan football team was under investigation for allegedly stealing illegal signs. Connor Stalions, a low-level staff member, was ultimately found to be the offender. Stallions purchased tickets so they could attend upcoming rival games with pals and record the sidelines on cell phones. A few weeks into the probe, Stalions announced his resignation.

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