June 24, 2024

In a Thursday update, NFL insider Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk revealed something intriguing about Bill Belichick’s apparent progress toward taking over as the Atlanta Falcons’ next head coach.

The Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles “expressed interest in Belichick, that Belichick didn’t reciprocate, and that those teams then decided to stick with their current coaches,” according to Florio, who also referenced the existence of “a belief in some league circles.”

Belichick was mentioned in reports and speculation in relation to the Eagles and Cowboys before to their respective NFC East clubs losing in the wild-card playoffs.

This Thursday, Jerry Jones, the general manager and owner of the Cowboys, somewhat shockingly announced that he will continue to coach Mike McCarthy, despite the fact that McCarthy has lost three of his last four postseason games with the team since the 2020 campaign. McCarthy deserves credit for leading the Cowboys to victory in 12 regular-season games during the previous three seasons.

on the Eagles, as of Friday afternoon, team owner Jeffrey Lurie had not made the decision on head coach Nick Sirianni publicly known. The 2023 Philadelphia Eagles were led by Sirianni to Super Bowl LVII, where the team lost to the Kansas City Chiefs in February.

The extent to which the Cowboys and Eagles took Belichick’s availability seriously, if at all, may never be known by outsiders once he became formally available last week.

By keeping Mike McCarthy, Cowboys pass on head coach who could win a Super Bowl in Dallas, Eagles columnist says - nj.com

However, depending on how Dallas and Philadelphia fare in the upcoming season, Jones and/or Lurie might have to respond to inquiries about the matter later this year.

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