June 13, 2024

As they look to the future, the Wests Tigers have decided to deal with two young players.

The 18-year-old Nehemiah Wuatai-Davis is one of these players who has signed a two-year contract with the Tigers.

Wuatai-Davis, a Mackay native who plays front row, has been involved in rugby league since he was seven years old. At ten years old, he moved from Townsville to Mackay.

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Nehemiah stated via Daily Mercury, “I’m a little excited to carry out my dream and be training with the Tigers, it’s a big accomplishment for me.”

“I was really happy and a little nervous at the same time, and I was at a loss for words.”

Scott Thorburn, the Mackay Magpies’ previous coach, also discussed his decision to negotiate a deal with the Wests Tigers.

Coach Thorburn remarked, “He did really well; he certainly didn’t look out of place.”

He didn’t back down for a young child who was playing in the front row… The most important thing is to simply demonstrate that you are a front-rower composed of sturdy, resilient material.

“His preparedness and attitude toward training are very important; he always shows up to training well.”

“He can handle the contact; front-rowers typically don’t mature until they are 25 or 26 years old,” the statement reads. “At the age of 17, he did a really good job of demonstrating that toughness.”

Cooper Young and the club have also reached an agreement on a three-year contract that will run through at least the end of 2026.

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