June 24, 2024

The Edmonton Oilers defeated the Calgary Flames 3-1 thanks to another strong defensive performance. They gave up just one goal. Edmonton had won 13 games in a row, which is the greatest winning streak any Canadian team has ever had in the NHL.

With nine Grade A shots in the opening half, including multiple clear-cut opportunities, the Oilers came out flying in this one, but they were only able to score once. In the second, the Flames made a strong comeback, outhustling the Oilers to level the game.

However, Sam Gagner’s freak goal in the third may have been a result of Edmonton’s complete control over Grade A shots.

The Oil put in a stifling defensive display. One more time, though. P.K. Subban, take that!

Edmonton has 16 Grade A shots overall, compared to Calgary’s six. Edmonton had eight and Calgary had two in the subset of five-alarm shots. On average, 25% of grade A bullets are received, compared to 33% for 5-alarmers.

McDavid, Connor, age 6. Good game, nothing really noteworthy. Early in the first, he tried to burst in, but Calgary goaltender Dan Vladar stopped him. In the third, a strong backcheck on Mangiapane opened up Ekholm for a risky slot shot. Grade A shots (GAS) contributions are as follows: Special Teams +1/-0; Even Strength +4/-1.

Zachary Hyman, age 5. When a Flames defenseman backed into him and tripped in the first, was that the worst penalty call in history against him? It was the same one. had minimal effect aside from a stunning empty net goal. ES +0/0; ST +0/-0 for GAS.

Nugent-Hopkins Ryan, 4. This line struggled to make Grade A shots, thus it wasn’t his best performance. His dismissal initiated the Pain Sequence.

Leon Draisaitl, age 7. this game, the captain of Edmonton’s first line. He took off, skating quickly and low like a torpedo, putting players up for fantastic opportunities everywhere. In the second power play, he scored with a deft turn-around wrist shot. In the third, he set up McD in the slot by charging full ice, but Hanifin got his stick on it. GAS: ST +1/-0, ES +3/0.

Evander Kane, age 7. He’s moved more fluidly than he has since he was hurt in early December. He was also shooting harder than he has in a few months, with what appeared to be a sounder core and base. Off the boards in the, he shot the puck at himself.

Derek Ryan, age 6. Typical hustling with good play. In the first, he charged into a breakaway but was unable to finish it due to strong opposition flak. GAS: ST +0/-0, ES +1/0.

Janmark Mattias, 4. Silent contest until he gave Vladar a little bump in the third and was given a penalty, using home-town advantage. ES +0/0; ST +0/-0 for GAS.

Dylan Holloway, age 6. looked good in his first Oil return game. Great pass in the first to set up Brown. In the second, he set Ceci up in the crease, but Ceci was unable to get his stick on it. GAS: ST +0/-0; ES +2/1.

Sam Gagner, age 7. Early in the second, he made a determined run to the net and came dangerously close to scoring. An

Brown, Connor, six. How could he have missed? How the heck did he miss? After a masterful Holloway feed, there was a wide open net in the first, but Vladar was hit instead of the gaping net. The man, as they say, has bad luck all around. ES +2/0; ST +0/-0 for GAS.


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