June 24, 2024

The Cincinnati Bengals’ season didn’t end well enough to qualify for the postseason, but things will only get worse. Fans will have to watch the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs battle it out for the chance to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl, in addition to the Bengals missing out on the AFC Championship Game for the first time since 2022.

The Ravens are a divisional opponent that Bengals fans have detested their entire lives, making this their worst nightmare. Cincinnati was swept by the Ravens this season, which doesn’t help. Though they are a recent opponent, some Bengals supporters may claim to despise the Chiefs more than they do the Ravens, Browns, or Steelers.

Bengals fans are not happy about the AFC Championship match-up.

This season, Bengals supporters will undoubtedly find themselves cheering for the Lions. They have the impression of being the Bengals’ NFC counterparts.

It’s weird seeing Bengals fans say “Go Chiefs” even if it is followd by a vomit emoji.

Some Bengals fans are actually rooting for a hated division rival this weekend.

Bengals supporters have become enraged with the Chiefs recently, as evidenced by their decision to support the Ravens over them.

Many fans of the men in stripes will be spending more time rooting against opponents than for them now that the Cincinnati Bengals are not in the playoffs.

Nevertheless, if you take a stand on business, as the young people these days say, you will admire every player who has donned black and orange over the years. There are still four former Bengals who are hopeful their club makes it through the NFL playoffs, which are a wintry slalom course that eight teams must navigate.

QB Brandon Allen (49ers)

Many Bengals supporters demanded at the start of the season that the team trade for quarterback Brandon Allen.

Trevor Siemian and Jake Browning had let him down in the preseason after Burrow injured his calf during training camp. Although Browning prevailed in that contest, many believed the organisation should contact San Francisco to arrange a trade for their now third-string quarterback, Siemian, following a camp duel in which Browning narrowly defeated Siemian.

Allen was a member of Cincinnati’s roster for the previous three seasons. During that period, he completed 61.5% of his throws for 1,096 yards and seven touchdowns.

The 49ers never took a chance on the veteran quarterback being picked up by another team in order to get him onto the practice squad, even though they have been behind Sam Darnold and Brock Purdy the entire season. The Bengals would have undoubtedly been at the top of that list.

Even while some fans were demanding a trade for Allen, it never happened, so instead we got to see the most amazing and exciting Jake Browning experience.

When the 49ers meet the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs, Allen will be there to try and help his new team win.


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