June 24, 2024

The New York Giants need to make a decision on their quarterback development.

On January 7, the New York Giants defeated the Philadelphia Eagles to cap off another disappointing season.

It was another chance for Head Coach Brian Daboll and the Giants to demonstrate what may have happened if the club had been healthy and cohesive throughout the entire season. It was just one more poignant memory for Giants supporters, added to the mountain that has been building since the team’s previous Super Bowl victory in 2012.

Giants wide receiver Darius Slayton recently defended starting quarterback Daniel Jones. Key coaches were let go by the Giants.


Giants coach Brian Daboll explains decision to try FG on fourth-and-1,  which helped Jets
With the Giants’ summer well under way, Coach Daboll’s group is focusing on taking care of its top priorities.

The first is, of course, Jones’s situation and whether the Giants should trade for a better quarterback or not.

The Giants’ greatest offseason need is at quarterback.
Last season, the former Duke Blue Devil Jones passed for over 900 yards. If that guy was a running back, it would be a good number.

Jones finished the season with two touchdowns and six interceptions while dealing with injuries and turnovers once more.

That won’t cut it in the fiercely competitive NFC East, which also has the Cowboys and Eagles.Is Jones Capable of Taking the Giants to the Final Four?
When a running quarterback is supported by a great supporting cast, he can flourish at a high level in the National Football League, as the Baltimore Ravens and Jones have demonstrated this playoff season.

If Jones is to start at quarterback, the Giants’ rushing and defense will need to be at their very best if Daboll’s squad is to make the playoffs the following year. For the recipe to come together beautifully, the ingredients are present.

Nevertheless, Jones’ inability to pass accurately downfield puts a lot of strain on the Giants’ roster.

The prior season, Jones did have over 3,200 passing yards with 15 touchdowns and five interceptions. He gained a new perspective on how he might be able to enhance his abilities this offseason by observing Tommy DeVito and Tyrod Taylor leading the Giants’ offense.


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