June 13, 2024

The Edmonton Oilers find themselves in an intriguing, if not very envied, situation. They own a player that they know is valuable to other clubs and don’t want to trade, but they also know that he might be one of the few components that can bring in a healthy return before the NHL trade deadline. Philip Broberg is that asset, and the young defenseman is the subject of a lot of discussion.

Philip Broberg Edmonton Oilers Photoshop | Philadelphia flyers,  Philadelphia, Nhl

Teams are contacting the Oilers regarding Broberg, and the defenseman is waiting for a new opportunity, according to the most recent TSN Insider Trading. Dreger gave the impression that the Oilers were considering trade proposals.

With the Bakersfield Condors, he is now enjoying good play in the American Hockey League. In 21 games since being sent down, Broberg has 13 assists and one goal. Furthermore, he’s receiving significant playing time in a variety of scenarios. “Philip Broberg played over 23 minutes last night and that’s with being rested for much of the third period,” says Condors broadcaster Ryan Holt. He was +3 and had three assistants. now has a team-best +12 and has scored 10 points in 16 games since being assigned.

“Broberg has contributed offensively while playing significant minutes for the Condors, but he currently has no clear route back to the NHL within the Oilers organization, which is all in for a Stanley Cup run.” The thing that appears to be frustrating Broberg the most is the absence of a way back into the NHL.

The Oilers must decide whether to sell Broberg now that he is clearly an upgrade or to hold onto him for the upcoming campaign. And who is the team considering if using him as a trade piece can result in a certain upgrade?

Broberg would likely be open to a trade at this point, but the Oilers must exercise caution in where and when they sell him. If they decide to go that way, they can only trade him once. They have to get it right since he could have a high ceiling.


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