June 23, 2024

Dallas Cowboys: Mike McCarthy tests positive for COVID, out vs. Saints didn’t. Adam Schefter of ESPN, one of the major media figures who prefers to use adjectives like “crazy” rather than just “my reporting was wrong,” calls that “crazy.” The famous head coach of the Patriots is currently open to all suitors and has gathered… one. Furthermore, Schefter says he can’t for the life of him understand

The Falcons are the only team that has had extensive talks with Bill Belichick thus far.Although I find that absurd, that is the situation as of right now, Schefter stated.

Some things about this aren’t outlandish at all, like the fact that Belichick is 71 years old, could wish to act as his own general manager (as he did in New England), and hasn’t managed a competitive football club in nearly five years. From that perspective, it’s not “crazy” that Belichick isn’t a “hot candidate.” It makes perfect sense. However, there’s another factor that is undoubtedly driving Schefter’s “surprise” in this situation: Schefter is the one who has been reporting, implying, and hinting for weeks that Belichick and the Dallas Cowboys would wind up together.

He was also mistaken. Every turn, every implication, every hint, and every report has been proven to be false. Associated: Cowboys Scouted Belichick, But Coach Fears ‘Big Dallas Media’? Additionally, Belichick has egg on his face now that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has chosen to keep coach Mike McCarthy, as was always his desire, according to reports from CowboysSI.com that date back as long as Schefter did not. Additionally, Schefter’s face has also been affected by the yolk, as he was the “insider” who revealed to the public that Belichick and Jones were “mysteriously” arranging a hook-up.

That Belichick isn’t employed by The Star isn’t “crazy.” What’s “crazy” is that rather than take responsibility for a wrongheaded series of reports, ESPN’s lead guy is still pretending that he was right – but that “crazy” got in the way.


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