June 15, 2024

Heading into the thirSad Oilers Stats (@SadOilersStats) / Xd period of a tightly contested game that’s tied 1-1, with the NHL’s Canadian-team record 13-game win streak hanging in the balance?

They are exactly where the Edmonton Oilers want them to be.

And not only in the 4-1 victory over the Columbus Blue Jackets on Tuesday. Third-period surges have been the Oilers’ trademark throughout their 14-win run, even though they outshot their opponents 11-5 in the final frame en route to scoring three unanswered goals.

Evander Kane, who on Tuesday became the 10th different Oilers player to score a game-winning goal during their current victory run, said, “I think we just knew if we played our brand of hockey in the third, because we didn’t in the first two periods obviously, we liked our chances.” “I believed that, for the most part, we came out and did it.

“There are numerous teams ahead of us that are also winning, so we need to keep racking up points.” Thus, while the run is fantastic, points are crucial at this time.

Imagine Muhammed Ali reclining and engaging in a game of rope-a-dope until the opponent exhausts himself, deftly blocking blows from the side while storing an enormous amount of energy for.

However, the Oilers’ incredible run of play has been replete with comeback victories; in 14 of their victories, they have outscored the opposition 26–6 in the final 20 minutes of games to overcome early deficits and maintain their winning streak.

As much offensive production as the Oilers have received in that lopsided ratio, Stuart Skinner’s efforts have allowed them to keep more goals out of their own net, which has contributed to the difference. On Tuesday, Skinner passed Grant Fuhr (1986–87) for the club record of most consecutive victories by a starting goalie, with 27 saves en route to his 11th.

It is enjoyable to be a part of being able to win close games and fight, battle, and grind every single night, according to Skinner.

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The Oilers haven’t displayed the same fear when down early in games as they did in the beginning of the season because they have a goalkeeper who can steal games for them.

“The key takeaway for this group is to simply remain composed,” stated Warren Foegele. “In this room, we have amazing leaders and guys who are merely following their lead.

“During this streak, it is one thing that has really helped us.”

In the meantime, players who follow in Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl’s footsteps have also been contributing to the team’s point total.

Head coach Kris Knoblauch stated, “We need contributions from everybody and it’s nice to see guys chip in.” “Leon and Connor have been our best players most of the time during this run, and I believe it has been very unfortunate for them not to have more goals than they have.”

However, they won’t be able to score every single night; you need that depth, and we have players who are eager to play.

The Oilers were tied for last place overall back on November 9, but since then, their performance has improved to the point where they are now third in the Pacific Division and have advanced into a playoff spot. However, their head coach does not want to constantly rely on the comeback model that has been demonstrated during this run.

“We only made one mistake. After Tuesday’s victory, Knoblauch stated, “We can’t rely on that.” “We need to control the puck and check more effectively. We waited for the puck to approach us. They were


“The other teams are growing incredibly eager to play against us. They know we’re playing well because we’re on a winning streak. They can’t wait to break that trend. I believe that the opposing team deserves a lot of credit for being prepared to play us. Now we’re getting the best of the other team.

He therefore hopes that the opening faceoff will exhibit a little more of that third-period ferocity.

Knoblauch declared, “We have to be prepared to play or else it will catch up to us.” We managed to escape with one on Tuesday night. However, I believe that we had a really good third period and have played like way for the most of this run.




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