June 16, 2024

This week’s “U mad,  readers take aim at the way the Pittsburgh Steelers’ quarterback problem has been covered by the media. They hammer the secondary of the Steelers. They stand up for Mike Tomlin. A rip-off of Mike Tomlin. They also make a Shakespearean reference. They do, of course. My readership is comprised of people who are quite well-read.

Maybe you’re correct. Perhaps I am a naïve lemming. Perhaps the Steelers PR machine, which is purposefully pushing for as much bad media coverage about their quarterback crisis as possible in order to divert attention from the “real problems” in dime coverage, is the reason I’m simply a dog wagging its own tail.

But, Sean, allow me to venture a wild theory: Is it not possible for both to be true?

The Steelers aren’t the first team in NFL history to have concerns at both defensive back and quarterback at the same time, I’m prepared to wager.

But as you point out, they may be the first club in NFL history to purposefully feed the flames of a quarterback controversy in order to obscure the situation at slot corner.

That is a rather original media approach.

Having said that, you deserve praise for handling a “broken sewer” and a “dumpster fire” in the same piece. That’s the exaggeration that makes “U mad, bro?” a weekly favorite, my friend. That is really rather good.

Here’s Sean, another dude. He loves the “Madden Monday” podcasts I make with Mark Madden.

Sean, when Mark and I hurl our garbage, we’re willing to sling it past the first-down marker, unlike the Matt Canada offense of the Steelers.

Mike is as annoyed as I am when the national media acts patronizingly toward anyone in Pittsburgh who has the gall to voice dissatisfaction over the Steelers’ inability to win a playoff game during Mike Tomlin’s seven-year tenure.

“Bill Belichick: 266–121 in 24 seasons…Three Super Bowl defeats, six wins…42 playoff games, 30 victories, 12 defeats… Since 2018, no playoff victory…Fired, and the mainstream media hardly seemed surprised.

Pete Carroll: 137-89-1 in 14 seasons… Win one Super Bowl, lose one… 19 playoff games: 10 victories, 9 defeats…One postseason victory since 2014… Fired, barely even surprised.

Mike Tomlin: 173-100-2 in 17 seasons… Win one Super Bowl, lose one… Playoff games: 18; 8 victories, 10 defeats No playoff victory since 2016 and no Super Bowl since 2010. life coach,

Regards, Mike. That being said, I’m not worried about Tomlin’s lack of clothes at the moment. His lack of an offensive coordinator and a clear-cut No. 1 quarterback worries me far more.

There is, of course. It’s also possible that you are clinging to the wrong person.

Additionally, there’s a chance you’ll select the best candidate.

similar to how the Houston Texans handled DeMeco Ryans. Had the Steelers chosen to move on from Tomlin after last season, that’s the player I wanted. How is that coming along?

Maybe you’re correct. Perhaps I’m just a naive fool. Perhaps the Steelers’ PR department, which purposefully

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