June 24, 2024

The death of Uga X, the beloved English bulldog mascot of the University of Georgia, has elicited a range of feelings from supporters.

Despite the outpouring of sympathy, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) adopted an unusual stance, igniting a discussion regarding mascot care.

PETA condemns Georgia’s usage of the bulldog mascot.

University of Georgia mourns loss of beloved former mascot, Uga X | WOAI
In a social media post, PETA voiced dissatisfaction with the university’s usage of bulldog mascots, calling it “irresponsible for promoting unhealthy, breathing impaired, flat-faced breeds like English Bulldogs.”

The organization went on to link the usage of a bulldog mascot to larger problems in the dog-breeding business, calling it “cruel.”

PETA’s move goes beyond criticism; they have started a petition requesting the institution to adopt a human mascot.

The petition raises concerns about the stress and fear that live animals, including dogs, experience when exposed to the bustling environment of stadiums.

PETA describes this approach as “cruel” to these friendly and devoted animals.

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