June 24, 2024

Russell WilsonThis offseason, the Pittsburgh Steelers might find themselves in the midst of the quarterback market.

Renowned signal callers like Russell Wilson and Kirk Cousins will be a better option than Kenny Pickett. But the Steelers want someone to challenge Pickett, not a seasoned player who will push him to the sideline all the time.

However, there could not be any competition at all for other free agent choices like Marcus Mariota and Tyrod Taylor.

Veteran Ryan Tannehill is one free agency quarterback who might challenge Pickett but not push for the starting position.

Maurice Moton of Bleacher Report suggested that the Steelers could think about signing Tannehill and re-sign Mason Rudolph.

“To push Pickett for the job, Pittsburgh should consider signing Ryan Tannehill, re-sign Rudolph, and cut Mitch Trubisky, who struggled in spot starts this past season,” wrote Moton.

Moton suggested the Steelers sign Drew Lock or Jacoby Brissett in addition to Tannehill.

Prior to the 2020 campaign, Tannehill inked a four-year, $118 million contract with the Tennessee Titans.

Steelers' Tomlin: little clarity on late review vs. Seattle | The Seattle Times

How the Steelers and Ryan Tannehill Could Fit Together
Tannehill seems to be the most sensible choice out of the three free agency choices Moton outlined.

In July, Tannehill turns 36. He is therefore much older than Brissett and Lock, although he has more league experience. Tannehill has an 81-70 record in starting 151 NFL games. With a completion rate of 64.3%, he has averaged 7.3 yards per attempt, 216 touchdowns, and 115 interceptions.

In his career, he has also won two postseason games.

In the NFL, Tannehill might still start games. He thus becomes Pickett’s rival. In the near term, Tannehill might be a respectable starting option behind center if he outperformed Pickett in the preseason.

However, Tannehill would likely be a good fit as Pickett’s backup as well, especially considering his age and the fact that he lost his starting position this past season.

In 2019, Tannehill had his finest statistical season as the Titans’ backup quarterback at the start of the season. For the final ten games, he took Mariota’s spot, helping the Titans win 7-3. Despite only having six interceptions, he completed 22 touchdown passes at an average of 9.6 yards per pass.

Tannehill guided the Titans to the AFC title game during the postseason.

Moton provided the Steelers with a list of intriguing quarterback free agent options. His suggestion that Pittsburgh could sign a quarterback like Tannehill after Rudolph is back was the most intriguing one, though.

Although Rudolph is scheduled to become a free agent, head coach Mike Tomlin stated that the team hopes to have him return in 2024.

Mitch Trubisky is still under contract with the Steelers. It would be shocking, though, if Pittsburgh decided not to cut Trubisky.

But even without Trubisky, the quarterback room might be congested with two seasoned players in Pickett and Trubisky.

Having more depth is typically advantageous. In late December, the team had Rudolph as an option thanks to Pittsburgh’s depth behind center.

However, it could also be argued that if the Steelers had only Rudolph as their backup quarterback rather than both signal callers, Rudolph may have taken the field sooner rather than Trubisky.

Given that one of them would likely be the Steelers’ backup quarterback in case of injury, it’s also worthwhile to consider whether Rudolph and Tannehill would be interested in joining the team together. In 2024, both will probably get a chance to contend for a backup position, at the very least.

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