June 13, 2024

fresh criminal drama Accurate facts don’t actually matter all that much to Griselda. It is significantly less concerned with factually reenacting events and much more focused on conveying the atmosphere of Sofia Vergara’s (Griselda Blanco) ascent to prominence in the Miami drug trade. So much so that the Griselda finale is replete with outrageous alterations to the actual events that transpired towards the conclusion of Blanco’s tenure as the Cocaine Godmother. No, Marta Ochoa (Julieth Restrepo) was not killed by an overdose by mistake; instead, it is said that Blanco tortured and killed her. It was two years before Griselda’s last arrest that Dario (Alberto Guerra) broke up with her, not as the federal agents were drawing near. Furthermore, when Griselda was hiding out in Long Beach, California, she failed to turn herself in.

But in Griselda Episode 6 “Adios, Miami,” hitman Jorge “Rivi” Ayala-Rivera’s (Martin Rodriguez) outrageous phone sex scandal is one brilliantly absurd scene that really happened.

Yes, Griselda is correct when she says that Blanco’s star witness for the prosecution in the murder case had to be dropped because he had been having phone conversations with not one, but two (!!) state attorney’s office secretaries in Miami-Dade. Griselda minimises the absurdity of this progression, if anything, but at least they mixed in the most bizarre turn of events from actual life amid the outright fabrications.

What precisely transpired, then? Now, let’s go back and explain the actual chronology of events for a moment. Griselda on Netflix gives the impression that Griselda Rivi was jailed as soon as Blanco was taken into custody. This is untrue! Drug-related accusations led to Blanco’s imprisonment in 1985. Eventually, authorities apprehended Rivi in relation to a bank heist that occurred in Chicago, not Long Beach. Later, in 1993, he admitted to three murders, all of which he claimed to have committed under Blanco’s command.

Prosecutors put in a lot of effort over the following five years to build a case that would hold Blanco accountable for the several killings she was said to have planned. But in 1998, it came to light that Sherry Rossbach and Raquel Navarro, two state attorney’s office secretaries, had been having phone affairs with Rivi in addition to cashing checks he mailed them on his behalf. Their acts damaged the witness’s credibility, and they were promptly placed on unpaid leave.

Subsequently that year, Blanco entered a guilty plea to three charges of second-degree murder and was given a concurrent 20-year jail sentence. She was granted an early release in 2004 with the condition that she would be sent back to Colombia due to her poor health—she had a heart attack while incarcerated.

It is said that in her senior years, Blanco converted to Christianity and lived a quiet life in Medellín. Still, her deeds did eventually come back to haunt her. She was killed by a passing motorbike in 2012. What irony there is? Blanco was in charge of organising and refining the method of execution. (But I suppose that was left out because Griselda was unable to turn that into a girlboss moment in some way).

However, Rivi’s bizarre phone sex scandal is one thing Griselda gets right in its most recent episode. How awesome is this guy? (And he remains alive in prison!)

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