June 24, 2024


Packers Nation | Green Bay WIThe Green Bay Packers are formally looking for a new defensive coordinator following Joe Barry’s release. Barry’s stint as DC is finished, but he may stay with the Packers in some capacity, according to reports. The Packers’ coaching staff now has a sizable void to fill.

One name in particular is beginning to get notice; he was a coach against the Green and Gold for a considerable portion of his career.

During the Zimmer era, Minnesota’s defense was ranked fourth in EPA/Play from 2014 to 2021. If hired during this coaching cycle, he specializes in the 4-3 scheme and could install it in one summer.

Zimmer may even end up being the defensive coordinator for a team like the Los Angeles Chargers, Washington Commanders, or Carolina Panthers, for example, depending on the situation of different head coaches.

Unfortunately, sticking it to the Vikings—who sacked Zimmer two years ago—by going to Green Bay adds up. With his knowledge with the NFC North, Zimmer may be able to go easily into Wisconsin and face the Vikings twice a year. Additionally, talk about Zimmer taking over for Barry has already begun among Packers supporters.

Following the announcement of Barry’s departure, Packers supporter Joe Knegendorf tweeted on Wednesday, “Joe Barry gone.” Who will the Packers’ DC be next? I would adore to have Mike Zimmer.

Around Christmas, Zimmer added:

“A lot of players arrive and are more interested in learning about a defense on a specific play than in how it improves the playmaking of teammates around them. It’s just something that runs in your family, I believe. My father spent a very long period coaching high school football.

Zimmer joined the Dallas Cowboys for the 2000 season and served as their defensive coordinator for seven years until moving on to the Atlanta Falcons in 2007. During his seven seasons as the Cowboys defensive coordinator, Dallas finished with three seasons among the top 10 in yards allowed and one season among the top 10 in scoring.

He would be a tremendous asset to any defense seeking long-term success because of his vast experience and knowledge. The Packers may become a top destination for Zimmer now that it’s evident Dan Quinn is sticking with the team. Zimmer has also been connected to returning to the Cowboys.

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