June 24, 2024

Former NHLer John Scott shares exactly what happened with Corey Perry in  Chicago - HockeyFeedJohn Scott, a former NHL forward, is retracting remarks he made this week about the Corey Perry incident that led to the Chicago Blackhawks terminating the veteran forward’s contract. Perry was alleged to have had too much to drink one evening and had made an unwanted pass on an NBC employee. Scott has since fully retracted this claim and apologized for misleading his podcast audience and using careless language.

Due to Scott’s apparent status as the only person with inside knowledge of the events that the Blackhawks believe led to Perry’s termination, the player garnered a lot of attention on Tuesday. He is now attempting to improve and make a fresh start after signing with the Edmonton Oilers. The Oilers conducted an investigation and, although they were satisfied with Perry’s approach to seeking treatment for alcoholism, General Manager Ken Holland acknowledged that he was not privy to all relevant details. There was speculation that Perry’s actions might not have caused a major problem with a different organization, but given the Blackhawks’ recent franchise history, they wanted to cut all connections with anything even slightly wrong.

It’s still unclear if Perry will challenge the league’s decision to terminate his contract.

Thus, Scott appeared to be downplaying the incident when he revealed the details on his podcast Dropping the Gloves. He gave the impression that he was aware of every detail. Scott, who is also a member of the NBC Sports Chicago broadcast crew, stated of Perry, “He made a mistake in Columbus one night.” “He made a pass at an NBC staff member and drank excessively.”

Either Scott realized the uproar their remarks caused, or someone got in touch with him and gave him a hard time. In any case, he corrected himself and issued a follow-up. He went on to say that he wasn’t intending for his remarks to come off as rash and that he was careless in making them. Scott apologized for making a false and deceptive allegation about Perry on social media and withdrew his previous remarks.


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