June 23, 2024

Dave Canales, the former offensive coordinator for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has formally agreed to terms to become the head coach of the Panthers, as the team announced last night. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that he has agreed to a deal that could last up to six years.

We all understand that Canales’s contract is only good for as long as team owner David Tepper is willing to let him, but there are signs that he could at least reach the halfway mark of this agreement, much as Matt Rhule did with his own seven-year contract. According to reports, Tepper was hired more out of a love affair than because of Dan Morgan or Sportsology. That means Tepper is coming closer to doing what most football fans would gladly welcome: letting the football folks make the football decisions.

For his part, Canales’s contract term allows him to pitch stability and patience to any prospective hiring he wishes to make, as well as some financial certainty for the future. Brian Beversluis of ours dissected a few potential

The date is January 14, 2012. We are in San Francisco at Candlestick Park. The 49ers need a touchdown with 14 seconds remaining, down three, and facing a third down to maintain their hopes of making the playoffs without having to go to OT. In the meantime, the Saints can draw a conclusion from this and move on to the NFC Championship Game. We need to look back in time to comprehend how we got here and to fully appreciate what this moment signifies.

As he approaches the second year of a three-year contract with the Carolina Panthers, it is anticipated that Ejiro Evero will be kept in his role as defensive coordinator. On that side of the ball, there might be some personnel changes, but Evero will probably be the main attraction as our new head coach implements the Panthers’ new offense and mentality.

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