June 24, 2024

In order to get to the Super Bowl, the Baltimore Ravens will play the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game this Sunday. The Ravens are the favorites to make it to this year’s big game because they have been the top club in the league the entire season. Fans were not pleased with the cause behind one of their great players’ bad news this past weekend—he was fined heavily by the NFL.

For Ravens RT Morgan Moses, Baltimore Checked Off Every Box In Free Agency  - PressBox

In the divisional playoff game against the Houston Texans last week, offensive tackle Morgan Moses of Baltimore was fined $13,659 for being unsportsman likely during a play in which quarterback Kansas City Chiefs rushed in for an eight-yard score. This one is a prime example of how the league has tightened its penalties on players in 2023, with some fines being far more contentious than others.

Tom Pelissero, an NFL analyst, claims that Moses was penalized for celebrating the touchdown with his teammates after the play concluded. The offensive lineman was observed imitating the act of taking a photo of the standout quarterback by aiming one of the camera crew’s cameras at Jackson. The league punished Moses severely for his behavior, as they have been doing all season, even though the majority of people just saw it to be a harmless celebration.

The fine infuriated many NFL fans, who have continued to refer to the league as the “No Fun League” as similar controversies have mounted up throughout the season. Here are a few social media responses that fans posted on the situation:

Although there have been considerably heavier fines this season, considering the circumstances, this amount seems a bit harsh. Because it adds to the excitement of the game, many fans are pleading with the NFL to permit players to celebrate touchdowns once more. Do you believe that Moses should have been penalized for his behavior, or do you believe that players are routinely fined by the NFL for virtually any celebration?


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