June 23, 2024

Mike Tomlin Doesn't Want To Discuss His Future With The Steelers Following Playoff Loss - Bounding Into Sports

Mike Tomlin, the quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, had no idea if he would have a job during the next regular season going into the 2023 summer.

He was even thinking about switching careers, 2024 presents no such issue for Rudolph. The only thing left to decide is who he will play for next summer.

When his contract expires, he may choose to explore free agency, or he and the Steelers may attempt to negotiate a return.

The Steelers appear to have told the quarterback that they want him to remain in Pittsburgh, though it’s unclear what they want to do at quarterback during the offseason.

Rudolph revealed to his host on “The Ramon Foster Show” that he had received a request from Mike Tomlin and Omar Khan to return for the upcoming season. “Yeah, it was good. Visited with Mike T and Omar both and… it was so early, like three or four days after we played our last game, and there’s a lot neither side knows,” Rudolph said to his former teammate. “I felt like they meant it when they said they’d like to have me back, and I feel like they want to do future business with me. That’s good to hear, but like you said, there are so many variables and it’s still so early, it’s still January, so who knows what will happen?

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Rudolph made sure he would be on a roster someplace the following season during the final three games of the 2023 regular season.

In Week 16, Rudolph threw for 290 yards and two scores against the Bengals. He threw for 274 yards against the Seahawks the next week.

Then, to end the regular season against the Ravens in terrible weather, he completed 90% of his throws.

In each of those contests, he guided the team to victory before his string of strong outings ended in a playoff defeat to the Bills.

The best justification for Rudolph’s return is the work he did throughout his starts for George Pickens.

Rudolph started both of Pickens’ best games of the season at quarterback. The second-year receiver caught 11 passes for 326 yards and two scores in weeks 16 and 17.

It wouldn’t be a bad thing to have a quarterback on the team who was able to develop one of your brightest young stars.

Though there are still several obstacles that could stand in the way, Rudolph has shown that the Steelers should give his return some serious thought.

Possible Barriers to a Rudolph Comeback
Rudolph would seem to be a strong fit for the Steelers’ 2024 roster given his performance at the end of the 2023 season and his prior experience with the organization, but there are a few factors that could prevent him from joining.

Rudolph barely made $1 million in 2023, which was extremely affordable given how the season concluded, In 2024, he will receive a hefty rise.

His cost will increase because other teams will be considering him as a backup throughout the offseason.

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