June 16, 2024

Edmonton Oilers on X: "Todd McLellan will return as Head Coach of the # Oilers for the 2018-19 season, while Jim Johnson & Ian Herbers have been relieved of their coaching duties. https://t.co/HrpuA0he9Y" /There were a lot of intriguing tales surrounding Thursday night’s game between the Chicago Blackhawks and which took place in Alberta.

The Blackhawks are among the poorest teams in the league, but the Oilers think they can win the Stanley Cup. Having said that, there were a few trends to consider.

Edmonton had one of the longest winning streaks in NHL history going into this game—14 games in a row. Chicago had lost their previous eighteen away games in a row entering this one.

Could the Blackhawks end both of those streaks and secure their first victory in a while? They lost 3-0, thus the answer is no. In the victory, Connor McDavid assisted on a Zach Hyman goal and scored two of the goals himself.

The Chicago Blackhawks and Edmonton Oilers are two very distinct teams.

Edmonton has now won 15 straight games, while the Hawks have dropped their last 19 away from home. The Oil have been playing excellently lately, while the Hawks are unable to win on the road.

They aren’t very good overall, and things will only get more difficult in Connor Bedard’s absence. The team is eager for him to return since he is the only one who consistently drives offense.

The Oilers have been among the better teams in the league since sacking their head coach and having a terrible first month of the season. It’s incredible to consider that their most recent defeat came at the hands of the New York Islanders on December 19.

They are currently 28-15-1, good for third place in the Pacific Division, thanks to this amazing run. Although they are behind the Vancouver Canucks and Vegas Golden Knights, they will be competitive with them the entire season. As they should, their current focus is on the Stanley Cup.

The Hawks would dearly love to win the lottery once more. Given that they are once again among the worst clubs in the league, having a top-three choice is the more achievable objective. With a 14-33-2 record, they are in last place in the NHL and have gone 3-7-0 in their previous ten games.

When Edmonton plays the Nashville Predators on Saturday afternoon, they’ll attempt to make it 16 games in a row. On that same Saturday night, the Blackhawks will go to the Calgary Flames in an attempt to avert their 20th straight road defeat.

Boston University was defeated by Boston College in the first game of the home and home series.
Week 16 saw a stronger performance overall from the Detroit Red Wings; Flyers news: Owen Tippett is receiving a well-deserved extension; and San Jose Sharks, who look good in their new uniforms.

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