June 19, 2024

Was there a video posted by the Bears on Saturday that suggested they would trade the first pick and keep Justin Fields? Though it’s unlikely, Bears supporters choose to go completely bonkers nevertheless.

Fans of the Bears are going crazy over video.

Justin Fields Vows New Mindset, Will 'Say F It' and Go Play His Game

With the destiny of quarterback Justin Fields, if not the club, hanging in the balance, it usually takes even less these days.

A video of Fields’ highlights was posted by the team  on Saturday. Even if it has been done numerous times in the past, one could wonder why they would do it today, given the current circumstances.

Fans of Fields went crazy over the video on social media because they were hoping for some kind of clue as to whether Fields will play quarterback again or if the team would select Caleb Williams in the draft.

The timing did seem odd. Fields was also the focal point of a picture show that the Bears used to entice supporters to travel to their upcoming game in London the following season.

It won’t be clear until the Bears trade Fields or select Williams in the draft whether any of this genuinely matters.

With the conference championships and Super Bowl still to be played, the Senior Bowl the following week, and the combine at the end of February, it seems improbable that they would be attempting to leak anything at this point before things really heat up with March 13 free agency.

Strangely, Brian Urlacher, a former Bears great, stated on CBS Sports’ Zach Gelb Show that the Bears ought to select Williams on the same day that the release took place.

“With a bit of classic hindsight, I would have drafted C.J. Stroud last year,” Urlacher stated.


“I don’t watch a lot of their games,” Urlacher admitted, likely disproving his own claim, but he also added, “I think they ought to take Caeb.” This year, I don’t think there’s a way around it.

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