June 24, 2024

They occasionally receive a promotion to become the head coach of a different team. Frequently, though, they are hired, associated (or burdened) with a troublesome quarterback, and the clock instantly begins to run out on their premature death. Then they vanish.

The NFL offensive coordinator is an endangered species. The Giants still own theirs, and Mike Kafka looks to be joining Brian Daboll’s staff for a third season as of right now. In the most unstable of environments, stability will be represented if that really occurs.

It’s dangerous to combine “stability” and pretty much anything that went wrong with the Giants offence in 2023, but that’s where we are at the moment. Kafka is on his way to Seattle for a follow-up interview with the Seahawks for the head coach position that opened up when Pete Carroll, who seemed to be forever older, was told to step down after 14 years as the team’s leader and sideline sprinter. In his two years with the Giants, Kafka had been as bland as overcooked penne for the general public. That was obviously Kafka’s decision, considering that he is only thirty-six and intends to submit to Daboll in everything. He gets along well with players behind closed doors, is astute and well-prepared, and is already.

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More power to Kafka if he is selected in Seattle (Dan Quinn, the defensive coordinator for the Cowboys, seems to be the front-runner). He will have the opportunity to defend his selection after managing an offence that completed the 2023 season ranked 29th overall and 30th in scoring. After receiving excellent instruction from Andy Reid for five years in Kansas City, Kafka knew going into the Giants that he would be mostly in charge of Daboll’s offence. Daboll assigned the play-calling duties to the inexperienced play-caller despite having no prior experience working with Kafka. When Daboll started his term as head coach, that was the biggest choice he made. Regaining those play-calling responsibilities would require a significant shift in concentration, which may make it more difficult for him to manage the entire team andThis is how things work in the NFL. In Major League Baseball, firing the pitching coach is a manager’s first instinct when they sense pressure. It’s firing the offensive coordinator in the NFL. Ever since Kafka joined the Giants in 2022, every team in the league has had at least one offensive coordinator change. Thus, 32 up and 32 down. Undoubtedly, there are occasions when these moves are the consequence of promotions. Examples include Daboll’s move from the Bills to the Giants, Dave Canales’s move from the Buccaneers to the Panthers, and Brian Callahan’s move from the Bengals to the Titans. Occasionally, the head coach is fired, sending his whole staff hunting for other employment. The head coach is typically under pressure to act.

Even with successful teams and/or elite quarterbacks, it occurs. Josh Allen was signed by the Bills, but Joe Brady was chosen over Ken Dorsey. With Lamar Jackson, the Ravens benched Greg Roman and added Todd Monken. The Chargers benched Joe Lombardi in favour of Kellen Moore, but they still had Justin Herbert. Nick Sirianni, the head coach of the Eagles, was powerless to stop Shane Steichen from joining the Colts as their head coach. However, Sirianni’s decision to promote quarterbacks coach Brian Johnson to offensive coordinator in an attempt to further Jalen Hurts’ growth was a one-year experiment that backfired, and the team is currently looking for a new offensive coordinator.

Kafka became the sixth NFC first-year offensive coordinator when he was hired by the Giants. In 2024, eight teams will have new permanent head coaches, which means eight new staffs will need to be put together. Daboll was not in danger of being replaced even if the follow-up to his 9-7-1 (and one playoff victory) rookie season ended in a 6-11 disaster. There was undoubtedly support for changing his staff. He has already hired a new coordinator for special teams, but the most important person to sign on board will be the Giants’ new defensive coordinator, who will replace the ugly Wink Martindale.

An intriguing job as head coach of the West team in the forthcoming East-West Shrine Bowl in Frisco, Texas, awaits Kafka next. Though it will be in a college off-season all-star game, Kafka will get a brief taste of life in the big chair. Any inside knowledge he gathers regarding the NFL draft candidates he works with could be beneficial to the Giants in the future. Naturally, if Kafka is still with the Giants.


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