June 16, 2024

Because of his positive training camp narrative, Dallas Cowboys receiver Jalen Tolbert was rewarded with more playing time in Mike McCarthy’s “Texas Coast Offence.” Additionally, Tolbert’s rise may have consequences for Michael Gallup, another receiver. Tolbert’s snap total increased significantly from his rookie season (89 snaps to 477) as he occasionally filled in for Gallup on offence as a result of the six-year veteran’s subpar play. Tolbert made significant progress from his rookie season in his second campaign, finishing with 268 receiving yards and two touchdowns from his 22 receptions.

Jalen Tolbert, 3rd round WR, gives Dallas Cowboys home run threat | wfaa.com

Gallup, who has never been able to replicate his success from 2019, had just 418 receiving yards and two touchdowns on 34 receptions. Gallup may be let go even if his numbers have been falling since 2019; nonetheless, given his contract position and Tolbert’s rise, Gallup may eventually be phased out.

Given Gallup’s $13.8 million salary cap charge in 2019 and the Cowboys’ current salary cap situation, a change might be made. The team may decide to cut him after June 1st, which would spread out the damage and free up $9.5 million in space. Refer to the section below.

With Tolbert nearly having the same production as Gallup while being on significantly less money ($1.1 million base salary in 2024 and $1.4 million cap hit), the decision might be easier than originally thought. Now, Gallup has been a model teammate and locker-room presence. He could have been forgiven for getting upset at his lack of receptions this season as 15 times this year he had three or fewer in a game. But he stayed true to the gameplan with his willingness to help block in the run game and was a good person to have around The Star.

Is that, however, worth $13 million? Despite having 12 fewer receptions and 150 less yards than Gallup, Tolbert and Gallup had almost similar yards per reception (7.4 for Tolbert and 7.3 for Gallup). In addition, Tolbert averaged nine less yards per game (24.6 versus 15.8) and had a higher catch percentage (55.6 percent versus 50.9) than Gallup. However, Gallup started 13 games this year compared to Tolbert’s six, and he also had 612 offensive snaps to Tolbert’s 477.

In terms of output, the two aren’t all that different, but there is a significant difference in the wages. And that might be the decisive element. Although Gallup has performed admirably for the Cowboys thus far, the salary cap crunch, Tolbert’s offensive growth, and his smaller cap hit may mean that Gallup won’t still be a Cowboy in 2024.

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