June 19, 2024

Another contender for the open offensive coordinator post with the Pittsburgh Steelers is presented on Monday’s “First Call.” An earlier target has been removed. The Steelers are taking an interest in a wide receiver draft candidate.

On Sunday, the women’s basketball team from Duquesne enjoyed a thrilling victory. And during the weekend, the Robert Morris hockey team triumphed well on the road.

Report reveals fate of Falcons HC Arthur Smith | Yardbarker

Smith went 7–10 in each of his three seasons (2021–2023) with the Falcons. He was Tennessee’s offensive coordinator before that.

Under Smith’s leadership, the Titans offence ranked 10th in the NFL in terms of points per game in 2019. Tennessee finished with third-best rushing yards per game in the NFL with Derrick Henry leading the way.

In 2020, the Titans’ running offence was second only to Baltimore’s 168.1 yards per game. With 30.7 points, the team stood in fourth place. During those two seasons, Henry ran for 3,567 yards. Ryan Tannehill, the quarterback, was 18-8 throughout those two seasons with a passer rating of 110.

You can see how the Steelers might use this, then.

While it wouldn’t be revolutionary, it would be in line with their present roster structure.

This raises the question, particularly from the quarterback position: do you really want to hire a coordinator whose biggest quality is being able to reduce the exposure of a subpar quarterback in order to accommodate a quarterback whose talents are so limited?

As opposed to looking for a coordinator whose greatest quality is maximising the performance of a quarterback. For example, just about everyone who has worked with Brock Purdy in San Francisco over the last few years, including Klint Kubiak.

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