June 19, 2024

PHILADELPHIA: One of those “fresh ideas” was the Philadelphia Eagles’ Kellen Moore. When he returns to the NovaCare Complex going forward, the 35-year-old former backup quarterback in Detroit and Dallas will be starting his sixth season as an NFL offensive coordinator. Before being blamed for the Cowboys’ postseason collapses, Moore served as the offensive coordinator for four seasons. He then spent one season in Los Angeles as Justin Herbert’s tutor

NFL Rumors: Chargers' Kellen Moore Agrees to OC Contract With Eagles | News, Scores, Highlights, Stats, and Rumors | Bleacher Report

The first impression of Moore against Nick Sirianni as offensive coordinators is that the former utilizes motion and places the quarterback under center significantly more than the latter, but those straightforward facts overlook the context of Dak Prescott and Herbert’s abilities versus Jalen Hurts’ skill set.

In actuality, Moore made the proper decisions for the QBs he had, and Sirianni showed himself to be sufficiently flexible to design an attack around Hurts. After Sirianni was effectively ordered to bring in new ideas and faces for an offense that was getting old and stagnant, it remains to be seen whether or not those clashes in Philadelphia will make for the most intriguing plot of the Eagles’ upcoming 2024 season.

Moore has been a target of the Eagles organization since at least 2021, when they interviewed him for the position of head coach. It’s important to remember that Sirianni was employed by Jeffrey Lurie, thus it would be false to claim that his offensive ideas were occasionally eclipsed by Moore’s attention. Even at his early age, Moore has expertise creating game plans, inventing passing concepts, and calling plays. This is significant because Brian Johnson was inexperienced in these areas when he was a professional.

From a statistical perspective, Moore’s offenses have also been quite effective. He has piloted two No. 1 units using both the sophisticated DVOA measure and the standard viewpoint.

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