June 13, 2024

Edmonton Oilers Bring On Todd McLellan As New Coach - Movie TV Tech Geeks NewsIf Sam Gagner had been benched at any other time, no one would have objected, allowing the Edmonton Oilers to test out their brand-new roster addition.

While everyone’s attention was focused on Corey Perry, who made his blue and orange debut on Saturday against the Nashville Predators, hockey history had to ignore something that had never happened before and probably never will.

Naturally, Gagner had a part in the 16-game winning streak that the Columbus Blue Jackets enjoyed from 2016–17. That stretch is now the second longest in NHL history, behind only the 1992–93 Pittsburgh Penguins by one victory.

Earlier this week, after defeating the Blue Jackets 4-1 on Tuesday and the Chicago Blackhawks 3-0 on Thursday, Gagner made league history as the first player to be a part of two 14- and 15-win streaks.

However, he was dealt a bad hand when it came to Perry’s promotion to the starting lineup, so he was not able to play on Saturday to try to duplicate the 16-game winning streak.

Gagner had to sit out the first game of the run, having been eliminated from the first victory on December 21 with two assists in a 6-3 drubbing of the New Jersey Devils.

“No, I didn’t finish that game,” Gagner remarked. Before playing again against Columbus, he missed the following 12 victories in a row. “Injuries are difficult, especially since this is the first time I’ve ever experienced symptoms of a concussion,” the author says. Dealing with that alone took up all of my attention, and it was challenging.

However, it’s wonderful to be back. I enjoy playing hockey, and it’s great to win. Thus, it’s an amazing run to be involved in.

even if he was unable to attend the events on Saturday in person. Gagner has spent his entire 17-year professional career putting his team first, so it’s not like he would talk about his own disappointments.

Ultimately, everyone is responsible for helping the team emerge from the 2-9-1 hole at the beginning of the season. Even Connor Brown, who came into Saturday’s game still without a goal this season, has contributed significantly to the Oilers’ success on the penalty kill and wasn’t being benched for Perry.

Gagner, who had double hip surgery before the season, stated, “It’s hard, you have to perform every day in practice, games.” It’s a very challenging league, and a lot of passion goes into it. It truly puts you to the test when you go through your hardships—I’ve been relegated to the minors, or I’ve survived all the bumps, bruises, and other things.

But if you’re passionate about the game, you just have to keep going despite those setbacks. I have a strong enthusiasm for it, and I plan to continue playing for as long as I can.

Gagner, though, was pleased that his newest teammate was able to play on Saturday. Gagner, 34, and Perry, 38, haven’t been teammates throughout the length of their careers.


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