June 19, 2024

Mike Tomlin not making changes to Steelers coaching staff during bye week | TribLIVE.comIn the AFC Championship game on Sunday afternoon, the Baltimore Ravens were defeated 17-10 by the Kansas City Chiefs, ending their hopes of winning the Super Bowl. Additionally, it appears that safety Kyle Hamilton of the Ravens, an All-Pro, is still processing the defeat.

Kyle Hamilton discussed his feelings after the disappointing defeat to the Chiefs in his postgame interview. He acknowledged that he wasn’t really expecting this result, so it came as a bit of a shock.

Hamilton stated, “It’s tough,” as per a team transcript. “You don’t really consider this possibility, so what transpired was somewhat unexpected. But I respect each and every player on this squad, including the Chiefs. They make an excellent team. They put in the necessary effort to win, and they have excellent players.

However, I believe that we made more mistakes than before, which is a plus since we can improve throughout the winter. For a moment, it will hurt, but we can get stronger.

It will be interesting to watch how the Ravens respond to this in the offseason and get revenge on this defeat the following year.

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