June 13, 2024

Top Ten Pittsburgh Steelers Players of 2021 - Last Word on Pro FootballFollowing his team’s defeat in the AFC Wild Card Playoffs earlier this month, Pittsburgh Steelers owner Art Rooney II revealed a great deal about his mentality.

After reports that longtime head coach Mike Tomlin and Rooney would get divorced in the offseason, Rooney made it very plain that he still believes in their relationship.

So, you’re still happy about Mike. Rooney stated, via ESPN, “Obviously, if I didn’t, [we] would make a change, but if we didn’t think Mike could lead us to a championship, he wouldn’t be here, and that’s why he is here.”

Rooney expressed his dissatisfaction with the lack of success in the NFL Playoffs recently in the same breath. It is indicative of the work Tomlin has done and the fact that Pittsburgh has spent the better part of the last ten years not being considered a serious Super Bowl candidate.

Regarding Tomlin, Rooney remarked, “There’s a resolve there and a determination there.” “And as I believe I mentioned earlier, I believe every individual who has been here

Since losing to the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game in 2016, Pittsburgh has not triumphed in a postseason game. The team’s postseason record is 0–4 since then. That is unacceptable to Tomlin or Rooney.

At his news conference at the end of the season, 51-year-old Tomlin stated that he anticipates signing an agreement with the Steelers before the 2024 season. On Monday, Rooney did not go to that extent.

Rooney stated, “It’ll be done when it gets done.” It’s difficult to estimate how long those activities will take. I don’t see that getting done before the hiring of the [offensive] coordinator at this time. That, in my opinion, will occur sooner rather than later.

After serving as the head coach of the Steelers for the previous 17 seasons, Tomlin is about to reach the final year of his current deal. He’s never been in this situation before.

It remains to be seen if this implies the Super Bowl-winning head coach is a lame duck going into the 2024 campaign. Even though they were improbable, Rooney’s remarks on Monday didn’t really alter anything.


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