June 16, 2024

3 Players who played their last game for the Dallas CowboysIt seems like Micah Parsons’ time with the Dallas Cowboys is nearing its conclusion. Parsons is expected to make a fortune on his next deal, 105.3 Bobby Belt of The Fan speculates as to whether the Cowboys may consider making a blockbuster trade for the pass rusher. Although the Cowboys insider said it is “possible” given the contract expectations for the star’s next deal, he still rates a possible Parsons trade as doubtful.

In a January 24, 2024, podcast episode, Belt said, “You know how I look at this, I just wonder, you see Micah’s gotten a couple different times where he’s been a little upset or a little frustrated and there are those issues.” “I’m just wondering if the Cowboys are necessarily thinking, ‘Huh, we got to get rid of this guy.'”

“I just wonder if there comes a point when, similar to Jalen Ramsey or Bradley Chubb, you get close to the end of your rookie contract and they’re like, ‘Look, you want different things.'” Some of these growing pains are really difficult for us right now. You just need to go, and we’ll obtain the draft capital, which is in our best interests.

Parsons’s 2024 cap hit is only expected to be $5.4 million. The player will sign a four-year, $17 million rookie contract at the start of the season.

Additionally, Dallas has the option to select Parsons’ 2025 fifth-year option, which the front office will almost certainly do. ESPN’s Bill Barnwell estimated in May of last year that Parsons might get an average yearly salary of almost $32 million.

Although Parsons has become one of the league’s top defenders, the Cowboys might decide it would be wiser to use this money on many players. Though unlikely, the idea cannot be ruled out entirely.


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