June 19, 2024

Sherrington: Why right now is the time for Cowboys to seize the postseason  momentMaking cap room is the biggest obstacle the Dallas Cowboys will face in the 2024 offseason out of any of them. Stars Dak Prescott, CeeDee Lamb, and Micah Parsons are among the players the Cowboys need to negotiate deals for; we can debate who is more crucial in the long run. All of that, though, is meaningless if a short-term reduction in the cap is not possible. And the most effective way to do that is with Cowboys Michael Gallup.

To aid in that, there are a few clear-cut options for a departure. However, wide receiver Gallup stands out as the most notable, having received the most attention this season despite never living up to the five-year, $57.5 million contract he signed in 2021. The Cowboys would still be responsible for a portion of Gallup’s contract even if they were to cut him after June 1 and save $9.5 million.

They have a cleaner break with a trade, and Bleacher Report is proposing one that would enable the Cowboys to at least take a shot on a young player to take Gallup’s place, albeit at a substantial draft asset cost. The Cowboys would trade Treylon Burks, a 2022 first-round pick who has had difficulty settling in Tennessee, to the Titans in exchange for Gallup and a third-round pick in the deal that B/R is putting up.

Gallup has virtually certainly played his final game in Dallas. If that’s the case, then his final game, in which he caught six catches for 103 yards in the playoff defeat to Green Bay, could be considered his most productive performance. Gallup’s 2023 season has just one 100-yard game, and it was his first since 2021.

Gallup experienced his least effective season as a Dallas player during his sixth season there. His average of just 24.6 yards per game marked a drop from the previous five seasons.

In light of it, the following are the details of B/R’s trade to the Titans:

“We Would Love to See This Hypothetical Trade: WR Michael Gallup, WR Treylon Burks’ third-round selection in 2025

“In this fictitious situation, the Tennessee Titans, a team with plenty of cap room ($74 million) but little depth at receiver, would face the Cowboys. In this scenario, the Titans receiver Treylon Burks, who has failed to live up to his draft status in Tennessee, would be acquired by Dallas by pairing Gallup with a future third-round pick.

“The Cowboys would win if Burke, who has shown some downfield ability, signed a rookie contract instead of a costly veteran one.”

In order to avoid having to pay Gallup, the Cowboys would be forfeiting a third-round pick in the following season’s draft.

Burks is not expected to play much because in the past two seasons, he has only appeared in 15 games and caught 49 catches for 665 yards. Pro Football Focus gave him a score of 52.4, placing him just 119th out of 128 receivers that were assessed in 2023. Despite his setbacks, he remains a 6-foot-2 former first-team All-SEC receiver with 4.55 speed and a $3.9 million cap hit.

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