June 16, 2024

Photos: Former Chicago Bears coach Matt NagyHe uses “a list of critical factors” to help him identify specifics when he examines films, and these elements fall under the D-T-A concept, which stands for choice, timing, and accuracy.

From there, he searches for qualities not captured on film, particularly in draft possibilities. When the Bears interview players, he wants to see responsibility and accountability and determine whether they are fierce competitors.

Joseph stated, “You have to know the person.” “You must have an outstanding leader. It begins with the individual. You can teach football after you have a relationship-based coaching style.

Here are the quarterbacks that Joseph is working with while coaching the American Team in Mobile: Carter Bradley of South Alabama, Michael Pratt of Tulane, and Spencer Rattler of South Carolina.

The National Team quarterbacks, Bo Nix of Oregon, Sam Hartman of Notre Dame, and Michael Penix Jr. of Washington, will also be thoroughly examined by the Bears, who have a sizable group of scouts in attendance.

The Bears have quarterback Nathan Peterman, a free agent, and returning starter Justin Fields on the roster. They also own the first overall draft pick, which they might utilize on Caleb Williams of USC, as a quarterback.

The Bears are carrying the number one overall draft pick on April 25, which they may use on a quarterback like USC’s Caleb Williams. They also have a quarterback on the roster in returning starter Justin Fields, backup Tyson Bagent, and free agent Nathan Peterman.

Let’s discuss whose quarterback, if any, Joseph is thinking about when he makes those remarks.

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